2 fools rushing in.

We are 2 guys using alcohol and banter to get through life.

Join the fools, join the fools, join the fools. They like fiction. There may or may not be an audio test at the beginning of the podcast. You're welcome. The fools talk about a bunch of future stuff coming down the pipe and some that is already on the website. Big things are coming from this little media company. We all of us hope that you enjoy.

Join the party of fools as they learn that no man is an island in the coming storm. Enjoy.

Join the fools in an experiment in aural pleasure. Between technology and skills and the whole thing sounds so much better. Except for the guys. They sound totally the same. Which can be a turn off for some people. Just ask their wives. But I digress. They talk of all the usual stuff and veer dangerously close to spoiling some of their upcoming weekend episodes. They also talk about a bunch, and it is truly a bunch, of their upcoming releases. Enjoy.

Join the fools for the conclusion of their rescue mission. Things go almost exactly as planned. At least right up until it doesn't. 

Join the fools as the talk fondly about Top Gun. Ok, not really. They talk about a bunch of random stuff and there was a technical issue the likes of which hasn't been seen in some time. Jeff says he's sorry, but we aren't so sure. Enjoy what there is to enjoy. 

There was a plan and a time table. They knew what needed to happen. But... things don't often go according to the plan. 

Join the fools. They talk of things they watched. Jeff gets super excited about a TV show. They go on about a bunch of randomness. They talk about what they do after the show, but only kind of. They also talk of things to come and announce a coming Foolish Media venture. It's exciting times for the Foolish Media family. Exciting times, indeed. 

Join the fools as a plan takes shape. #rushthegame #roadtohighbreeze #DnD

Join the fools. No really, join them. Be one with them. The fools are they way and the light. Or not. They talk TV and try to talk about Netflix's Umbrella Academy without spoiling it for Chad, because Ray and Jeff really liked it. Plus some of the usual flair. Plus some talk of Faux News. And more Florida Wo-Man. Because 'Murica. #rushthegame 

This is it. After all the searching and being heroes and stuff the party of fools with their new friend, finally find what they were looking for and things go about as good as you'd expect. Plus random table shenanigans. #rushthegame

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