2 fools rushing in.

We are 2 guys using alcohol and banter to get through life.

Join the fools as they run the module at the con. It gets... weird. We hope you enjoy hearing us play the thing you maybe heard us create over a couple episodes this past year. 

Join all us fools. We talk about stuff. Football. Dead men walking. What Jeff does when he gets quiet while recording. Plus, half the battle. Enjoy. 

A plan comes together and the Fools are poised to achieve some great success. What could possibly go wrong?

Ok, so the show started solid. Jeff had a good opening with none of the randomness that normally accompanies a show and things went great from there. But then Jeff forgot to post the show when the three of them were screwing around afterwards and he remembered when he got home and so you get this. It's a totally normal show but there is a lot of rambling now because the memory of the show is a little hazy. They did talk about Con on the Cob 2019 which was awesome for everyone. They talked about some of the stuff they watched, Chad had issue with how something ended (shocking right?), Ray quotes a rap group (super weird), and they generally just had a good time together. But that's what friendship is right? Just having good times with your friends. Enjoy.

Things get interesting in the face of a job offer and the group formulates a... plan is probably being generous. Enjoy.

Join us as we talk about stuff. It's been twenty minutes since we stopped recording and I don't remember what. This show is longer than what we normally do and had a pretty good time doing it. We hope you enjoy listening to it. 

A solid plan leads to some... interesting turns of events. Enjoy.

Join the fools, unfortunately without "I'm not" this week. We ramble on for 25 minutes about stuff going on in our nations capitol. We talk a lot, again, about American Horror Story, plus the usual randomness. We talk of some current events and some upcoming. And as always, we hope you enjoy. 

Join the fools as they deal with the fallout from prior questionable decisions. Things get weird and a little dark. Enjoy.

Join the 2 fools minus the Reverend Doctor, cause it's his birthday or some junk. Everything comes up and there is randomness abounding, but it's solid. Enjoy it as much as they/we did making it. 

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