2 fools rushing in.

We are 2 guys using alcohol and banter to get through life.

Join the foolish adventurers as they again faces odds that feel stacked against them. Life on the farm never felt so good. Enjoy. 

Join the fools in their final broadcast recorded before Origins 2019. The talk talking dead about the walking dead is a little bit behind but still important. There is also some talk of the usual bits of other things that the guys watched and/or got to take part in. 

Join the party of fools and see just what happens when they fall back into the new old normal. A necessary conversation finally happens. Enjoy.

Join the fools as they talk about what not Chad is doing, talk about their upcoming plans for the comic strip and then compare scars. It gets weird. Enjoy?

Join the fools back on the farm and see what happens when everyone falls into what is apparently the new norm. It ends up going exactly as expected. Enjoy.

Join the fools they talk about all the stuff that matters, plus some stuff that is coming soon. It's all coming soon though isn't it? They should deliver on some of their talk and be men of action. But time will tell how all this ends up shaking out. 

Ok, full disclosure and apologies here, Jeff is the one who puts the episodes up and there was a medical thing over the weekend when the episode would normally go up. He's alright and it will be talked about on a futured episode, but that is why this is late. That said, join the band of fools in the final part of Jeff running things in the desert. Enjoy.

Join the fools as they talk about some other fools who were doing some underground shenanigans during and after the WWII. Plus UFOs and some other random stuff. Because documentaries. Enjoy.

Join the fools in the 3rd of 4 parts of Jeff running the random semi-current timeline adventure. Things get weird. Enjoy. 

Join the fools as they finally after weeks of hemming and hawing and talking in and around the topic give their thoughts on Avengers: Endgame. There is a lot that they agree on and one point that leads to some quite heated debating. Plus some talk of what the various things that happened in the film might mean, are said to have meant and what some of the lines in the movie meant or evolved from. It was almost like they researched it or something. The fools hope you enjoy.

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