2 fools rushing in.

We are fools doing foolish things and looking for ways to succeed as small business owners. Still with drinks though.

Join the fools as they talk about how things have been going in their worlds. Enjoy.

The group finds themselves in difficult situation with a minimum of options, but they have a plan, sort of. Enjoy.

Still remote and always foolish. Enjoy.

We do these live on Wednesdays 8pm EST over on twitch. Feel free to swing on by. 


Still fools. Still dungeon. Enjoy.

Fools. Rushing. In. 


Recording live every Wednesday @ 8pm EST. Feel free to stop on by. 


The party continues their journey of exploration and eradication. 

The first 20 or so minutes are Jeff going on a rant about a thing that happened in the board gaming world and the importance of taking a stand. The guys talk about some movies they watched. And there are some occasional random call outs because they are still doing responsible, socially distanced podcasting and playing Borderlands 3 at the same time. A little weird. Always foolish. 

Be excellent to each other.  

There is something going on in the dark and the group will probably, most likely, eventually try to get around to figuring out what it is. But they have to get through a pack of were-rats first. 

Join the fools, back in action and talking about the stuff they do. Because... fools. Enjoy.

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