2 fools rushing in.

We are 2 guys using alcohol and banter to get through life.

Join the fools as their plans start to go up in smoke. 

Join 2 fools who are super professional. They aren't doing sound checks on hot mics. They aren't figuring out how fans work, in real time. They would never engage in such nonsense. They came to do a job and one way or another the job gets done. Enjoy.

Join the fools and their new associates on the hunt for the missing and a plan of sorts starts to come together. 

Join the fools as they do their usual and suck at multitasking while trying to get some other stuff done. You can be the judge of how unsuccessful they are. Enjoy.

Join the fools and their new... acquaintances as they set out to recover things lost and missing. Enjoy.

Join the fools as they talk about home improvement like a bunch of grownups. It's weirdly focused for like 25 minutes. Then it goes off the rails and they talk about all the usual stuff. Now with 100% more Rap Battles, good guys who aren't, puckered buttholes, and search engine optimization analytics. It's some really engrossing stuff. 

Join the fools as a new mystery begins to take shape. Enjoy.

Join the fools. There is more but it just makes more sense to listen to it. Jeff reads a thing he wrote that is unlike all the other things he's written and shared on either the website or the show. It's real, it's raw, and it's his life. The guys also talk about a bunch of random pop culture stuff as well as the death of democracy. So you know. Light stuff, or not, but it's totally in that 2 Fools vein. So yeah, enjoy I guess?

Join the fools as they adjust to the recent changes and the trials and tribulations that come with pet ownership. Enjoy.

Join Jesus, with 2 c's, and "I'm not" while the grown up is on vacation. They talk games. Lots of games, from Marvel Future Fight, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy VII, Tactics, That time Raymond was a bear, and that time that Chad was chick, as well as many of the people that they have gamed with over the years, including some rage inducing moments. 


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